About ScuzzBall

Scuzzball is Tiny. It is 191K compressed, and 400K after it's installed.

ScuzzBall is a DOS game that Nathan Banks started during a Grade 11 maths class because he wanted to play JezzBall on an old T1000 XT laptop. He contintued to work on the game over the following years before abandoning it as the market for DOS shareware games disappeared. At the end of the project, Nathan wrote 25k lines of Pascal and Assembly code for three games.

You can check out the source code or see the videos, but it's much more fun to play the game!

ScuzzBall Installation

The following are the instructions for installing scuzzball on a Debian/Ubuntu system. The Dosbox commands should work in any operating systems.

1. Install DOSBOX:

2. Create a directory for your dos programs.

3. Download the self-extracting executables for scuzzball.

Fun fact: Nathan wrote his own self-extracting mechanism for tar.gz files. View the source.

4. Start dosbox, mount your directory, and extract the files.

5. Play the games! I find ScuzzBall and nibbles most fun.

Hint: Press control-F12 a few times to increase the processor speed slightly.
Hint: Press Alt-Enter to enter full-screen mode.